Police Building

Maidstone, SK

The Maidstone Police Detachment construction includes holding cells, shower area, provost area, a new secure interview room, guard monitoring station, photo/breathalyzer room and installing a complete sprinkler system. There are open office areas, private office, meeting rooms, a small kitchen area and an exercise room. Secure areas for file storage and DNA equipment are included. The cell area and provost area as well as the secure bay are designed to current RCMP standards.

There is also a standalone storage building on the site with fire alarm and security system connections to the main building.

The Detachment project included life safety systems including new fire alarm and sprinkler systems, security lighting, camera rough in as well as door access control, and interview rooms and cells.  The Maidstone Detachment Building (completed to Design Development stage) includes the connections of mechanical systems, a new electrical service for normal power and provisions for portable emergency power, new fire alarm system, new interior lighting systems and controls, new battery powered emergency lighting, new electrical site development including exterior lighting and car parking systems, and new communications systems.